Welcome to the Association of Canadian Trauma Nurses (ACTN)

Mission Statement

The Association of Canadian Trauma Nurses (ACTN) is a professional non-profit organization whose mission is to align nurses interested in providing optimal trauma care and to promote initiatives related to prevention, education, research, and leadership in trauma.


Collaboration, Education, Innovation, Leadership, Mentoring, Research, and Injury Prevention


ACTN advocates for the highest level of trauma care across the continuum from prevention and injury care, through to reintegration into society or a dignified, compassionate death.


  • 2016 15th Annual Trauma Symposium
    Presented by ACTN
    June 3, 2016, 0730h - 1600h
    Beverly Hills Ballroom, Level 2
    Fantasyland Hotel, West Edmonton Mall
    Edmonton, Alberta

  • Members: You will be asked to accept the listserv again as we have moved our web account to the Canadian service. Sorry for the inconvenience. The members' login remains the same.


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