Why Join ACTN?

What are the Benefits of Joining the Association of Trauma Nurses?

There are many benefits of becoming a member of this specialty nursing association:

  • You will have opportunities to network with others with similar interest in trauma nursing, through our future website and local chapter events.
    • To have access to ACTN's future website Blog
    • Members will be notified first of ACTN trauma activities and educational events. 
    • To receive an ACTN newsletter.
  • To learn of continuing education opportunities
    • To be notified of upcoming TNCC courses.
    • To reduce conference fees and education fees.
  • To participate in ACTN activities and help your local chapter.
    • To have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise as a speaker, if you are interested in presenting.
    • To become a Member of the Board and get professionally involved in an exciting new nurses association.
  • To be able to advocate for the profession of nursing and for the trauma patient.
    • To have a new source to promote exposure and support for Trauma research.
    • To be part of an organization that will be a voice for trauma nursing, throughout the trauma continuum.
  • To help develop personal growth in leadership and mentorship for optimal trauma care.
    • To profit greatly from the alliances and friendships formed by networking with other individuals involved in trauma nursing.

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